22 NSFWBDs Analyze Pacman Jones Vs. Airport Worker Fight

You take Pacman Jones and put him in a fight against an airport worker at the B terminal at Atlanta Hartsfield and the NSFWBDs are going to be all over that story just analyzing TF out of it. By now you know that the fight had a couple of great layers including Pac dropping what looks to be his Popeyes order before going toe to toe with a bigger man.

If anybody knows that Pac is not to be fucced with, it’s the BDs. They know Pac is from the streets and won’t hesitate to throw fists. They weren’t shocked. They were more shocked that an airport worker would be dumb enough to start a beef with Pac under these circumstances.

Now this Frank Ragin guy is on camera getting dropped by Pac and he’s going to lose his job over some random Tuesday night nonsense.

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Pacman Jones Throws Fists At Atlanta Airport After Airline Worker Starts Trouble