Giants OL A.J. Francis Goes TF Off On TSA After They Spilled His Mom's Ashes In His Luggage
You know how TSA will go through your checked bag if they think you have something in there that could detonate or whatever? Yeah, well Giants offensive lineman A.J. Francis opened his bag to learn that TSA had inspected his bag and it seems they didn’t close a container that was holding A.J.’s mother Carrie’s ashes.
Annnnndddd A.J. went TF off on TSA over the incident.
Francis, a three-year vet out of Maryland, lost his mother June 26 and was traveling to celebrate his mother’s life over the weekend when the whole thing went down. A.J. was just trying to enjoy time with family and then this happened.

TSA issued the obligatory Twitter apology, but A.J. wasn’t having it.

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