Buy This Baltimore Ravens Chevy Short Bus — $4,200

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Are you looking to buy into the Ravens tailgate scene but don’t want to commit money to anything extravagant after 3 blah seasons? If so, look no further than this Ravens-themed 1977 Chevy School bus, which is on the market for just $4,200. Go in with four of your boys/gals and it’s just a $1,050 commitment on this starter bus.
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It features both a men’s and women’s restroom and is allegedly “easy to drive” — Details from the ad:

Ravens Tailgate bus. Complete with separate woman’s and men’s bathroom. Gently used tires, tons of storage, no inspection needed, easy to drive.

“No inspection needed” seems like a red flag. Do your due diligence here and make sure there are no issues with the bus. Don’t make a $4,200 mistake.
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