I’m Mesmerized By This Bama Fan & His Bags Full Of Weed

It’s July so of course we’re going to be short on content because most football guys are hunkered down on vacation getting in those last days of rest before camp starts here in a couple weeks. That means I’m left looking around Instagram using hashtag #RollTide or a variation. Today’s search led me to a guy who goes by @marleynaturals and has a bio that reads:  Take A PuFF And Say a Prayer   Follow My Herb Account @TheRealHerbMon California Herb Delivery Must Be 18 And Older(.)

I was instantly hooked because of the above photo of MarleyNaturals holding what appears to be bags of weed like they’re trophies. Like they’re BCS trophies. Of course I’m going to stop in my tracks and see what’s going on with this guy.

I’m not some weed expert, but it seems like HerbMon delivers weed like some guys deliver pizzas. I can’t possibly keep up with all the weed laws these days so I have to assume that weed delivery in California is all good. Here I thought you had to go in and buy your weed at some weed store in a shopping center. Had no idea.

As a big entrepreneurship guy, I can appreciate the hustle here from HerbMon. Know your customers. Add delivery so they never have to leave the house and their video games.

This guy is officially my new favorite Bama Fan this summer.