Bill Belichick All Smiles Eating Dinner With His September 23 Enemy…Matt Patricia


I would pay big money for a NFL Network sub-channel where there’s a hidden microphone catching Bill Belichick’s dinner conversation while sitting next to new Lions head coach Matt Patricia during a night out in Nantucket. Does Bill even talk football? Where does the conversation go? Do these two talk lawn maintenance? Do they talk about what a pain in the ass it is to figure out what channel the World Cup is on?

Maybe they talk boats at some point. Fishing.

I’m fascinated by all of it. Fascinated by things that make Hoodie smile. The guy is 66 and needs to write it all down before he fades away once Tommy retires.

Do they talk September 23 when the Patriots roll into Ford Field for a Sunday nighter in front of all the Michigan Men who knew Tommy would win all those Super Bowl titles? Who breaks the ice with a September 23 joke?

Now THIS would be reality TV. Microphone hidden in the bushes. Of course I wouldn’t have a problem with NFL Network editing out anything incriminating. Just give me a taste of how Bill and the guy who almost seems like a son to him lead a normal life in Nantucket.

Bill has been smiling quite a bit since the Super Bowl loss…weirded out by it:

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