Brock Lesnar And Daniel Cormier Cut A Couple Of WWE Promos At UFC 226

UFC 226’s main event last night was a quick one with Daniel Cormier knocking out Stipe Miocic in the first round and becoming the new heavyweight champ of the world. But the real story here is what happened after the fight. The UFC went full WWE last night and it was so awesome.

As you can see above in the post-fight interview with Rogan, DC broke out his own WWE-style promo calling out Brock Lesnar, who was sitting cage-side. Brock Lesnar being the absolute animal that he is, obviously made his way into the octagon with the quickness and at this point, was already selling the shit out of some pay-per-views.

But then Lesnar dipped into his own WWE past and cut his own promo which quickly turned this event from UFC 226 to Monday Night Raw, except with real-life implications.

In the process of all of this, we figured out what the UFC needs more of. Give me more of this and I’m all-in on the UFC. Give me more guys talking shit immediately after fights, calling out their next opponent. Give more guys stealing the mic from Rogan and pacing around the cage talking about what he’s going to do to the guy sitting there outside the octagon. I know we see it with McGregor all the time and now with these guys last night, but give me more of it.

The best thing about it is we get all of the mic work that we loved about professional wrestling, but now these guys are really going to fight. It’s not just part of some storyline. They actually want to beat each other’s skulls in. What happened last night was the step in that direction and it was beautiful, even if some of it may have clearly been a tad staged.

Here was Cormier’s KO

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