Alex Ovechkin Is Still On His Celebration Tour…Shares The Cup With His Dad And Russian Fans At The World Cup

Alex Ovechkin’s Stanley Cup world tour rolls on today and he’s finally made it back to his homeland to share the cup with his people. It’s been a solid month straight now of partying and drinking here and the states and it’s about time he made his way back to Russia to celebrate with his day ones.
First, it was his dad who finally got to meet Lord Stanley, which I’m sure he has been fiending for after watching his son live it up like he has for the last three weeks.

Then he went over to a World Cup fan fest where it looked like the entire country of Russia lined up to take a picture with Ovi and the cup. Tom Gulitti literally sped up this conveyer belt of fans, one of which brought Ovechkin a nice painting.

It seems like this is probably the end of the celebration tour for Ovi. What a run its been over the last month. I think a lot of us were rooting for him to finally win the big one this year and after seeing the drinking display he’s put on, along with the material he’s provided for us sports blogs looking for some summer content, it was so worth it.


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