AAU Basketball Game In Atlanta Breaks Out Into A Brawl Between Players And Refs

If you know anything about AAU basketball, you know a giant brawl featuring players, coaches and refs is not outside of the realm of possibility. These games can get heated QUICKLY, and when you have a ref who probably sells insurance for a living and only does this on the weekends in his spare time, coupled with angry coaches and players, it’s not crazy to think somebody could snap.

Then you end up with an old-fashioned melee like this.

Wild scene.

Now originally, the video appears to show the players jumping the ref, probably because he missed another block call or something and they had had enough. But dont be too quick to judge these players and coaches because apparently we have a twist in all of this. The coach of the team took to Twitter this morning to explain what happened. He says it’s the ref who actually started this scrap.


Who knows who to believe. I can’t imagine a ref trying to fight a bunch of players, but the other hand I’ve never seen a group of teammates jump an official like this. The only time I’ve seen something similar is on soccer fields in other countries and that usually ends much, much worse.

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