Meet Meghan From Oklahoma

Oklahoma has been in the news this week after Lincoln Riley took a little bit of a shot at Georgia and their defense. Per usual, other conferences taking shots at the SEC. His point was basically this: Georgia wouldn’t be a top-5 defense in the country if they had to play a Big-12 schedule. Sure, I guess that’s fair, they might not be top-5, but they would 100% be the best defense in that conference. Also, let’s put Oklahoma through an SEC schedule and I can promise you they wouldn’t have put up 45 a game like they did last year. It goes both ways. David Pollack basically made this point on Wednesday.

But I digress. It’s Friday afternoon and I miss college football, so I figured I’d mix in a mini-rant on our college girl of the day post. Let’s meet Meghan from Oklahoma. If we’re being honest, I think she’d be a top-5 at any school.
[IG – Meghan]
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