Hunter S. Thompson Wrote A Letter To Jim Irsay To Draft Ryan Leaf Over Peyton Manning

Rich Eisen Show/Audience Network
Hunter S. Thompson was one of the greatest and most influential writers who ever lived. We all know that. And we all knew that one kid in college who started rocking Hawaiian shirts, high white socks and started doing loads of drugs because he had just discovered Fear and Loathing. His daily routine was freaking bananas. He was an absolute legend.
He was not, however, a very good football talent evaluator. How do we know this? Just take this letter from Thompson that Ryan Leaf was given from a fan at a Cubs-Dodgers game over the weekend. It was from May 1998 addressed to none other than Jim Irsay (it makes so much sense that they were friends), urging him to draft Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning and even offering to loan him cash to do it.

Now, at the time, it wasn’t crazy to want Leaf over Manning. This was the most pressing question at the time heading into that 1998 draft. Leaf or Manning, who would rather have? Obviously, we all know how that ended. But the letter itself is hilarious. His reasoning is flat out ridiculous, saying that Leaf “looks strong & Manning doesn’t.” Just an absurd way to come to your conclusion. Although, these days teams draft guys just because they have a cannon for an arm, so maybe Thompson was way ahead of his time.
My favorite part is the ending: “I expect to be very rich when this Depp movie comes out.”

Leaf told the whole story on the Rich Eisen Show yesterday

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