Cops Find 82 Grams Of Drugs In Suspect's 'Vaginal Cavity'

BC readers know what I like sent to the DMs. They know I need the craziest, most out of control stories and this one definitely has all the ingredients considering this 20 year old, Desiree, had 82 grams of drugs pulled from her vaginal cavity. I don’t even know if we can use “allegedly” here because the cops probably have proof they pulled it out of her vaginal cavity.
Des didn’t come clean and forced the cops to take her to the hospital for a CT scan of that vaginal cavity.
WBAY has the details:

A Milwaukee man and a Suring woman have been charged with multiple counts after more than 80 grams of drugs were found inside the woman’s body.
Jaral R. McCollum, 39, and Desiree A. Webster, 20, were arrested June 25 in Shawano.
A Shawano Police officer, acting on a tip, stopped Webster and McCollum on County Highway B. Both suspects were taken into custody.
Webster had been driving the car, and a police dog showed particular interest in the driver’s seat.
A criminal complaint obtained by Action 2 News states a strip search was performed on Webster. A corrections officer told police she believed Webster had something hidden in her vaginal cavity.

So what was up that vaginal cavity?

Here’s what detectives say was inside the bags:
36.67 grams of cocaine
14.72 grams of meth
27.80 grams of synthetic weed
Six MDMA (ecstasy) pills
1.26 grams of marijuana
In total, Webster had 81.97 grams of drugs in her body, according to the criminal complaint.

Listen, I’m not a huge expert on what will fit into a vaginal cavity, but 82 grams of drugs sounds like a decent amount of drugs in the vaginal cavity. The scan revealed something the size of a fist up in Des. Turns out she was coke muling.
It’s not like she was caring a bun in that oven, just some daily deliveries:

Let’s check in with Desiree’s Facebook page:

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