Matt Serra Had To Full Mount Some Drunk In A Vegas Restaurant

Looks like Matt Serra, soon-to-be UFC Hall of Famer, had himself a boring 4th of July in Vegas full mounting some drunken idiot at a restaurant that was, according to Serra, threatening the waiters. And to think this all went down at Red Rock Casino, according to TMZ.
Red Rock isn’t exactly the place you’d expect Matt Serra to be full mounting a drunken idiot. I would’ve guessed The Palms or Planet Hollywood. Maybe even a place like MGM or Rio. At the Rio I would guess the drunken idiot would be from some Midwestern farm town.
Red Rock? That place is full of locals and the elderly playin’ for those comps while bitching that Medicare is being cut, which will leave them with more money out of pocket for prescriptions.
Matt’s last UFC fight was a 2010 loss to Chris Lytle. Looks like he’s back in the win column thanks to this drunk idiot.

Here’s pre-mounting the drunk guy:

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