Klay Thompson's 4th Of July BBQ Consisted Of Some Backyard Golf And Plenty Of Women


Here’s your weekly summer Klay Thompson update. It looks like he made back to the states after dominating China for the second year in a row just in time to celebrate our country’s birthday yesterday. Just a little backyard BBQ at some Hollywood Hills house featuring somewhere between 25-50 women (I won’t call them IG models, but we can assume) all chilling around the hot tub and pool while Klay practices his chipping stroke. China Klay is officially America Klay once again.

When people say “living your best life” this is what they mean. You’re still on the celebration tour of another championship, you just did your thing in China for a few weeks, now it’s time to do it up in back home American style. Food, drinks, sun, pool, and lots of ladies. I can’t imagine many people are living harder than Klay right now.

How high up is this infinity pool? How about Klay just running along the edge of this thing with zero regard for his life?

I would say Warriors fans held their breath here, but if we’re being honest Klay could fall off the face of the Earth today and Golden State would still be the betting favorite in Vegas.


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