Donovan Mitchell Crashed A Jazz Fan's 4th Of July Party

Utah isn’t exactly known for throwing down hard on holidays because about 60% of the state doesn’t booze it up like the rest of us. That doesn’t necessarily mean the parties couldn’t be popping off, It’s just, I don’t think we were going to be seeing any videos of some hammered guy shooting a firecracker out of his ass from Salt Lake City.
However, they do have that lake right on the edge of the city, which is a primetime location for a 4th of July party. Donovan Mitchell is still relatively new to the city, so he shot his shot on Twitter yesterday looking to hit up someone’s party.
Naturally, his mentions got flooded with responses like this.

Mitchell is clearly a man of the people because he had no problem heading out to this party and definitely dominating some fools in pool basketball. He’s probably already the most popular Jazz player since Malone and Stockton were dicing teams with that pick and roll. This just adds to that.
Also, keep in mind this is exactly a year after Gordon Hayward bounced for Boston. You might remember him ruining a lot of NBA media’s 4th by announcing it when everyone was drinking and eating themselves into an afternoon coma.

Looks like he made a day out of it and went to multiple BBQ’s

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