Venus Williams Does Not Have Thoughts On LeBron’s Move To LA

LeBron James’ decision to spurn Cleveland for the second time to play for the Lakers has pretty much taken over the news cycle. It’s all anyone can talk about. Just this morning I went out to get a bagel and a little girl in the street, presumably on summer break, stopped me in my tracks to say, “Hey there mister, is LeBron James really on the Lakers now?” It’s wild out there. People young and old have no idea how to process this massive news.

It’s so big that a capital J working Wimbledon had to ask Venus Williams what she thought of the move after her first-round win over Johanna Larsson. Her response might shock you:

I knew there had to be one person out there who didn't have an opinion on LeBron James going to the Lakers.

— D'Arcy Maine (@darcymaine_espn) July 2, 2018

There you have it. Venus is indifferent to LeBron to LaLaland. We guess she has other things on her mind right now like winning more matches.

At least she doesn’t receive the bizarro questions Serena has to deal with:

I have never physically cringed as hard as when I read this in Serena’s transcript. Wow.

— Jeff Donaldson (@jddtennis) June 2, 2018