Greg Norman Plays Bad Guy Role During Home Invasion Simulation With Local Cops Before Demolishing His House

Greg Norman/Instagram
I guess Greg Norman is going to demolish his Florida house because he said so on Instagram this weekend on a post about how he took part in a home invasion exercise in his house. That’s right, he volunteered his house to cops and even volunteered to be the bad guy that the cops were hunting in the house.
I’m not sure what Greg means by “demolition” because Greg’s Jupiter estate was on the market in 2016 for $55 million. Maybe he’s talking about a guest house on the property.
Greg wrote on IG this weekend:

A privilege to let this great team from Jupiter Island Public Safety exercise a home invasion in my house before demolition next week. This crew does everything from active shooter, Fire and fire rescue and paramedics. Only three such Public Safety Department’s on the east coast of Florida. In this sequence I volunteered to be the bad guy (blue helmet) hiding in a room in the house. The police have no idea I am there or armed.
I am carrying a Glock with simmunition ammo (yes they sting when hit hence the protective gear). Actual live fire took place when they encountered me. I can tell you this, I totally admire and respect any public safety person who actually puts their life at risk in real life scenarios.
This was an exercise and it was an adrenaline filled rush. So a thank you to every public safety person worldwide who are there at a moments notice to protect any civilian. #respect#guts #admiration #honored

Stay tuned to see if Greg clarifies this who house demolition thing. Seems aggressive, but Greg’s clearly in the mood to go big with life. Just 63, he should have a new house in a couple years.

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