LEEBS Moves On From LeBron, Chats Up Cavs No. 1 Pick Collin Sexton

[protected-iframe id=”e4ab8caea3fd48ee62b475387abc6928-22577676-23105199″ info=”https://streamable.com/s/2s9fd/cetmgg” width=”560″ height=”715″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
Imagine being Cavs No. 1 pick Collin Sexton and you’re at the Shoreby Club in Cleveland enjoying a beautiful Ohio summer day at the fancy boat club on the shores of Lake Erie when a tanned piece of what looks like Italian leather walks up and starts talking basketball with you.
Imagine LEEBS is one of the first people Sexton meets in Cleveland and he’s looking like he should be on his yacht in Miami. You’re 19, in a new city and this flamboyant playboy walks up and wants to know how you and Bron are going to knock off Golden State (Couple hours after this was sent to me Bron signed with the Lakers.)
It’s all so surreal to see LEEBS away from his IG or Facebook page where he’s posting what appears to be escorts from all around the world. I’m fascinated by this guy living a real life. I want to see how he operates at a grocery store. I want to see how he talks his way into a woman’s pants and how long it takes a master like LEEBS to make things happen.
I guess what I’m really asking for is a legit reality show from this guy. I want a documentary. I want to see LEEBS interact with the post office. I want to see LEEBS at the BMV getting his license updated. Beyond fascinated by it all.
Look at that video above. I was told by LEEBS old girlfriend that he carries around a lime for good luck. I thought it was just a thing he did for IG and Facebook. Then this video comes in and he’s carrying a lime on a random summer day at the Shoreby Club pool.
Someone please write a book on this guy. A 30 for 30. Something.
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