The LeBron James Banner In Cleveland Is Going Down

Once again, LeBron James has checked out of The Land. On much better terms than his departure in 2010, but still, depressing nonetheless for Cleveland fans now left with a roster featuring Kevin Love, Collin Sexton, and the trash they got from the Lakers.

However! There is still a piece of LeBron left in Ohio as his iconic banner still hangs in downtown Cleveland… for now.

Sherwin-Williams confirmed Monday that the massive LeBron James Nike banner that’s become a tourist attraction in downtown Cleveland will come down at some point this week.

The 10-story, 25,000 square feet, 1.3 ton display went up on the wall of the Sherwin-Williams Global Headquarters when James announced he was returning from Miami to Cleveland in 2014. The company confirmed Nike will take down the banner this week.

Get those selfies now, folks. This LeBron banner is coming down for good, but something tells us it will rise again when the Cavs retire his number down the road.

LeBron James Signs With the Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James Signs With the Los Angeles Lakers