Hot Mic: CFL Hurry-Up Offense Audible Called "F*ck Bieber"

Last night, ESPN and TSN had one of their live mic broadcasts where both QB’s stay mic’d up the entire game so you can feel closer to the action, or really just hear a thousand F-bombs dropped on live television. It’s a fantastic idea that I’m pretty sure Vince McMahon and the XFL invented, and it’s something we need in the NFL soon.
Apparently, the broadcast decided to skip out on using any delay last night, so bombs were flying all over the place without any sort bleep or dump. So in-between all the football nerd stuff we get to hear like line of scrimmage adjustments and play calls, we’ll get a hurry up offense aubile called “F*ck Bieber”.
In Canada, no less! That’s his homeland! Can’t imagine the Biebs thought he’d wake up this morning with his own country’s league roasting him.
Side note: I love a good random audible call. We hear these sometimes in the NFL when stadium gets quiet sometimes. So many different audibles have been used over the years they have to keep coming up with new names and they’ve gotten weirder and weirder. I heard Big Ben yell “Dilly Dilly” at the line last year when that was hot in streets. Bortles yelled out Kate Upton one time. And let’s not forget about this classic:

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Meet Samantha From Miami
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