Incoming Duke Freshman Zion Williamson Is Already Dunking From The Free Throw Line
I guess there’s a reason the internet blows it’s load everytime incoming Duke freshman and #1 recruit, Zion Williamson, uploads a new dunk video. It’s because he’s an 17-year-old man-child who’s out here dunking from the free throw line. I’ve been hating on this kid hard for like 2 years on Twitter (@BustedCollege) because I’ve yet to see one highlight where he makes a shot outside of 2-feet. To me, it seemed like his high school career was just him dunking on a bunch of private school white kids night in and night out. Like, literally throwing down hammers directly into their mugs.

But I can’t deny the impressiveness of this video. We have NBA guys who can’t do this all and we’ve had multiple try and fail at this in the NBA dunk contest. And this was a legit free throw line dunk. This might be a hot take but Jordan had his foot on the line for his free throw line dunk. Dr. J had a foot on the line in both of his. Those are just facts.
Still need to see him make a jumper, though.

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NBA Awards Ratings Reportedly Down 27 Percent
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