Zion Williamson Dunked A Ball Directly Into An Opponent's Face

We can go ahead an add another dunk to Zion Williamson’s insane highlight reel and level of disrespect from this one is flat out off the charts. We’ve been watching this man dunk on short white guys for years now and I think we just found the meanest one yet. Just let this clip sum up the Zion Williamson era of high school hoops. All you need to know about how dominant he’s been is this 7 second clip of him dunking a ball directly into an opponent’s
I believe that we’re are still waiting on the highlight reel that includes the Duke commit making anything that resembles a jump shot, but we can deal with that issue when he’s actually forced to play against good basketball players. For now, we can enjoy him doing absurd things to people who couldn’t even dream of that level of athleticism.
Things like this:

I’m still not sure what exactly he tried there. Some sort of reverse 360 between-the-legs? In a game? I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, but I do know that it would’ve won the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Let me just throw this out there…. hmmmmmm


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