Chef Mark Davis Serving BBQ, Olivia Munn Throwing Heat In Spain & Road Rage Scuffle In Buffalo

How about a Tim Tebow update?

What’s Timmy been up to in Double-A? Oh, just getting praised from manangers and anonymous scouts.

NY Post – “I saw him last year at [Single-A] Columbia. He’s come a really long way,” Schaeffer said. “He’s a tough out right now. We had a really tough time against Tim Tebow. He hits fastballs well. He’s a strong kid. His approach has gotten a lot better. He’s spitting on pitches now he wasn’t early on this year. You can tell he works hard.
“He is better,” the scout said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “He has shown the ability to hit the fastball. Not a double-plus fastball, but an average fastball. He has progressed. He still misses a lot of pitches down. The changeup, he doesn’t see at all.’’

Not to mention the Mets STINK. I think it’s time to make the call.

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Buy Toby Gerhart's Jacksonville Home — $865,000
Buy Toby Gerhart's Jacksonville Home — $865,000
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