Sergio Romo Involved In Twitter Drama With Nats Broadcaster, Former Teammate Kevin Frandsen

Sergio Romo got everyone all fired up this week when he started needless drama with Nationals outfielder Michael A. Taylor. The story is well known by now: Taylor stole a base off Romo in a game the Nationals were winning big earlier this month, and the Rays reliever finally got his “revenge” Tuesday by striking him out and chirping at him (see above) — behavior you’d expect from a baseball goon like Hunter Strickland.
Sadly the beef between Romo and the Nationals didn’t end there, as Ray Knight, broadcaster for the Nationals, took to Twitter to fan the flames a bit by calling Romo a “bush league act” who is “all mouth no action.” Twitter jabs between the two ensued:

What did we ultimately learn here? Romo didn’t curse out Taylor and seems fairly proud that he got him back for that pointless stolen base.
Oh, and he sorta threatened former Giants teammate Kevin Frandsen, who was also critical of Romo’s behavior:

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