Canadian Baseball Manager Has An All-Time Meltdown, Throws Chairs Onto The Field

Is there anything better than a manager losing his shit? Some of baseball’s greatest moments have come from these types of clips. From Earl Weaver to Lou Pinella to Bobby Cox to Wally Backman to the greatest manager meltdown in history courtesy of former Braves Double-A manager Phillip Wellman back in 2007. There are few things more entertaining than a manager going absolutely nuts.

Today we might have ourselves an all-timer. This one comes from a collegiate Canadian summer league game in the WMBL (Western Major Baseball League) between the Edmonton Prospects and the Okotoks Dawgs. We don’t know much about these events leading up to this, but apparently a bad call had the manager of the Dawgs going full Bobby Knight. It wasn’t just one chair that he tossed onto the diamond, but somewhere between 8-10 chairs.

Keep in mind, these are college kids playing relatively meaningless summer baseball games and we still have this manager losing his goddamn mind like it’s Game 7 of the World Series. These meltdowns don’t come often these days, but when they do, they never ever fail to disappoint.

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