Buy This Pittsburgh Steelers Tailgate Ambulance — Just $1,500

via Craigslist
Are there any Steelers fans out there interested in taking a little road trip from Pitt to Indiana? We only ask because there happens to be a super cheap Steelers tailgate ambulance for sale in the city of Pendleton that might be worth the time.
The ambulance, dubbed, the “emergency tailgate response unit” and “critical head trauma unit,” is available for just $1,500. Basically one paycheck and you’re golden. It apparently runs fine but might have a brake line issue, thus the absurdly low asking price.
via Craigslist
From the seller:

Selling a pretty nice 1988 Ford Ecoline Ambulance that’s is Steelers tailgate approved. It has 139 k miles on it and starts right up and runs great. It’s a 7.3 no turbo and the only driving issue it has is that the previous owner put a new brake line on it and never bled them out. I’m selling this from Indiana and it’s a real ad not a scam I figured I’d post it in Pittsburgh Craigslist and see if maybe there was some die hard fan who just couldn’t live without this thing. It’s very nice on the inside and still had all the lights and sirens that work. If this thing really toots your horn and you can’t go on in life without it give me a shout at 317-935-2420. Have a clean title in hand asking 1500 bucks.

Just an idea. The buyer might want to rid of the “critical head trauma” line in light of the Ryan Shazier incident.
*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.

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