Floyd Mayweather Dropped $18 Mill On His New Watch

As yet another reminder that Floyd Mayweather is filthy rich, the undefeated boxer took to Instagram Wednesday to unveil his latest garish purchase: an $18 million timepiece called “The Billionaire Watch,” made by Jacob and Co.
Floyd bought the watch in Japan from a jeweler named Tadashi Fukushima, who apparently offers fantastic prices (if you’re net worth is north is like north of $600 million):

I bought this watch from the best jeweler in the world, hands down @tadashi1980. He has better prices than any other jeweler that I’ve ever done business with ever and trust me, I’ve bought jewelry from every jeweler in NYC, Vegas, LA, Detroit, Houston and Miami. From here on out I’m only buying from @tadashi1980 fire your jeweler and hire @tadashi1980 Follow his page now.

High praise. Anyway, here’s the watch that costs more than everything you’ve ever bought in your life:

CNBC reported in 2017 you could buy this watch, or 19 Ferraris instead. Decisions.

Don’t be a hater:

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