Woman Allegedly Breaks Into Danny Duffy's Home Looking For Fiance Elon Musk


Royals pitcher Danny Duffy is randomly a great source of content. Over the years he has quit baseball (2010), passed out at Burger King drive thru (2017), and most recently, witnessed a woman break into his house.
According to KCTV5, a woman by the name of Tabytha Yeary broke into Duffy’s house last weekend while he was in Houston for a series against the Astros. Duffy received an alert from his security system and was able to watch the intruder, who was apparently looking for fiance Elon Musk at the time, roam his house.
From the report:

Duffy watched the video feed as an unknown woman walked around inside his home.
When police arrived, they found the woman walking down the stairs in Duffy’s clothing. The woman told police she thought his home was an Airbnb.
Records also state she later told police her fiance was Elon Musk, but “it was not the same Elon Musk that we have seen.”
Police discovered a Playstation 4 controller inside the woman’s purse.

The Musk angle here is easily the most intriguing, and fortunately Fox 4 KC has further details on it:

She told detectives that she had been walking around Kansas City all night playing a game with her fiancé, Elon Musk, the founder of the Tesla car company. She added that the Elon Musk she was engaged to is not the same Elon Musk the public has seen because he uses another person as his public face.

The report also states Tabytha thought Duffy’s home was an Airbnb that Elon was staying in. She posted $2,500 bail to get out of Jackson County Detention Center.

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