Paulina Gretzky Just Changed The Outdoor Shower Game On IG

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I imagine Dustin Johnson holding the phone in one hand, cold ice tea (unsweet) in the other just living the life he dreamed about at 13 when he would wait at the mailbox for the SI Swimsuit edition to arrive. I’m thinking the 1997 edition. DJ would’ve been 12. Tyra Banks in her prime. One of the greatest SI issues of all time.
And now DJ gets to live out this life where his baby mama has him shooting videos of her for IG. Again, I’m assuming it’s DJ because Paulina seems to be in one of those zones during this video. Just out here doing her best work while the couple vacations after such a grueling six months or so of golf. I’m thinking massage tables. Fruit trays. DJ chipping grapes into Paulina’s mouth. Just a whole other life that you and I will never understand.
I tend to wonder how this life must be where kids aren’t yelling, picking their noses, throwing shitt across the room, wanting snacks, interrupting conversations every minute of my day. I think this is great part about being a loaded golfer. You just hire out the job — some other woman puts up with the shitt for 4-5 days while you and Paulina hit up an outdoor shower to restock the IG supply.

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