Let’s Check In With Chris Berman’s Swap Ass At The Travelers Pro-Am

Chris Berman stopping by for a few kids that want an autograph in between front and back nines at @TravelersChamp pro am pic.twitter.com/H3pBey4Dr7

— Chris Hanna (@realchrishanna) June 20, 2018

It wasn’t supposed to be overly hot and humid today in Hartford, Connecticut for the Travelers Championship pro-am, but something tells me it doesn’t take much to trigger Chris Berman’s swamp ass. It’s one of the more notorious swamp asses around.

It’s an absolute miracle the khakis can even stay up after 18 holes of bumblin’ & stumblin’ around the TPC River Highlands course

The Berman foursome included: Charley Hoffman, Ray Allen & Ron Hainsey. I have no idea where these guys finished because it’s a pro-am and at the end of the day all that matters is how many drafts Boomer drains later tonight at the pro-am party where he will gladly get on stage with the cover band if they need him to sing some Huey Lewis classics like “The Power of Love.”

Chris Berman draining a putt, playing w Ray Ray today https://t.co/qY1Csvnh4u
First Crown Research (@First_Crown) June 20, 2018