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You can buy Elvis’ old plane that’s been sitting for like four decades

From Iron Planet:

Custom private jet personally owned by Elvis Presley, the late American singer, complete with red velvet seats, gold plated accents, and red plush carpet. Elvis’s Jet has been privately owned for more than 35 years, becoming a tourist attraction where it sat on a runway in Roswell, New Mexico in the US. The jet is the only one of the three planes belonging to Elvis Presley, which is still privately owned, while the other two are owned by the Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennessee.

The red velvet chairs in the plane are worth the price of admission. Think of the things those seats saw back in the day. There are 84 photos of this plane that is definitely not air worthy. I’m not sure what you do with this thing besides have it taken apart and transported to a museum. It’s pretty much a total mess.

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