Watch This 6'10" 12-Year-Old Prospect Absolutely Dominate His Opponents On 8 Foot Rims

Unless some wild shit goes down in the opening round of the US Open at Shinnecock today, I can guarantee you this is the best video you’ll see today. Allow me to introduce Olivier Rioux, a 6’10” 12-year-old (TWELVE!) straight outta Canada (playing in France) looking like prime Wilt Chamberlain when he was putting up like 50 and 30 on a nightly basis.
We’ve seen freaks of nature like this before in basketball. It reminds me of Kenny George from UNC-Asheville back in the day. Dude was like 7’8″ and patented the no-jump-dunk. But this kid is twelve and he’s still out here hooping on 8-foot rims while he’s a good 2 and a half feet taller than everyone. Naturally, he’s the cockiest kid on the floor, which is hilarious seeing as you could put two of his opponents stacked on top of each other and he’d still throw their shot off the wall. He’s giving out stare downs left and right.
A villain in the purest form. What kind of stat line is this kid putting up? He’s gotta be around 20 blocks a game right? And I’d imagine he’d be shooting like 90% from the floor if he just parked himself on the block, but if you watch the video you see he likes to step and shoot it a little bit.  He’s got a nice stroke for a big guy.
I’ll just leave you with this. What a preposterous video.

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