The Lakers Are Favorites In New LeBron Free Agency Odds

As you might have heard somewhere along the grapevine, LeBron James, unfortunate magnet for tired Michael Jordan comparisons and debates, is a free agent this offseason. His decision won’t come until July 1st at the earliest, when NBA free agency begins, but the hot takes on his next destination are coming in furiously.
Is he forming a superteam in LA? Is he joining Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to complete the process in Philly? Will he stay in The Land? No one knows! Except maybe the oddsmakers at Bovada who happen to have the Lakers jumping to poll position over all the likely contenders:

Lakers: +175
76ers: +220
Rockets: +250
Cavaliers: +500
Spurs: +800
Celtics: +1200
Knicks: +3000
Warriors: +3000
Heat: +4000

What gives the Lakers the edge over the field? Well. They are in Los Angeles, which plays is a no brainer if he’s planning on building a Hollywood empire, and his son may or may not have committed to a school out there according to Gary Payton. Bron Bron’s good friend Dwyane Wade also said in a radio interview this could be more of a lifestyle over basketball decision. So yeah, there’s some strong evidence pointing to la-la land, though it is worth noting there’s another team in the area not listed above.
Sidenote: Please don’t waste money on the Knicks. Just don’t.

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