IMPORTANT: Stephen A. Smith Is An Ass Man

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Stephen A. Smith took a well-deserved break from pushing LeBron James rumors to answer an important life question: is he an ass or boobs guy? Seriously. The question was posed to Stephen’ A during an appearance on “GGN News” with Snoop Dogg, proving that he isn’t anti-marijuana all the time.

After revealing that god is the first thing he thinks about in the morning and a preference of burgers over tacos, Stephen A colorfully answered the million-dollar question:

Always, always ass. That’s true. I’m associated with Walt Disney but dammit everybody knows I’m a bottom feeder.

Stephen A. Smith answering some questions on Snoop Dogg's show 😂😂😂

— BALLGOD (@godballgod) June 13, 2018

Because we can’t just have this moment of Stephen A. letting loose, USA Today messaged ESPN for comment — they haven’t heard back.

Update: Sadly Stephen A. has apologized for being real.

Care to watch the full interview? We got you: