The ‘AC Bellino Is Triggered By Beer Taking A Shot At Jim Harbaugh’ Friday Show

I needed to get on the road to northern Michigan so we pumped out this Friday Show and then I got in the car and headed north to where the golf courses are incredible and the prices for that golf are incredibly low. It’s hard to turn down a weekend at Treetops so here I am in the parking lot pumping out yet another post for you guys because that’s the type of dedicated blogger I am.

Big topics today:

• Boo000bs flashed during Ovi’s skate with the Cup last night in Vegas; thanks to all who sent in screencaps…if you want to see the flasher, just click into the comments on this thread….you’ll be all good.

Guys, I can’t RT the chick with her boobs out during Ovi’s Cup skate. That said, thanks to all of you who are sending it in.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) June 8, 2018

• AC reacts to the local bar owned by former Michigan State players releasing a beer taking a shot at Jim Harbaugh’s stained khakis.