Let's Watch J-Lo Perfectly Breakdown The 'Moneyball' Concept On A Whiteboard









I think the majority opinion around the internet is that Alex Rodriguez is a fantastic baseball analyst. I think that was the beginning of him winning people back over. He hopped on Fox’s baseball coverage a few years back and was surprisingly awesome on TV breaking down the game.
Then you throw in the fact that he started dating J-Lo and public opinion on this guy did a total 180. It’s been one of the most incredible career revivals we’ve ever seen. Somehow Derek Jeter is now more collectively hated than A-Rod. Jenny from the block has a HUGE part in this, we all know that. But like I said, him crushing the baseball analyst game was the catalyst to this.
However, J-Lo is no slouch herself when it comes to breaking down the game. A-Rod shared this little video last night of J-Lo indepthly explaining the ‘Moneyball’ concept from his preparation for a segment on the Fox pregame show. Somehow this is weirdly very hot.


Baseball savant Jennifer Lopez. Words I never thought I would type. Turns out all these sabermetrics nerds aren’t so smart after all.
When these two starting dating I, and I imagine a lot of people, assumed this wouldn’t last. As it turns out, this might be the most perfect celebrity couple we have. When’s A-Rod popping that question?

This was A-Rod’s version on Fox



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