Shohei Ohtani's Translator Ippei Mizuhara Now Has His Own Rookie Cards

The Shohei Ohtani rookie cards that matter (his Bowman products, Topps Heritage) are largely unaffordable to the average collector. A Topps Heritage base card alone would set you back at least $300, so yeah, entering the Shohei market today would undoubtedly be a pricey investment.
The good news? The Angels are giving out the next best thing through a promotion on Twitter: Ippei Mizuhara rookie cards! Ippei, of course, is the dashing, camera-friendly translator always alongside the Japanese Babe Ruth. He’s gained a cult following of sorts in the Angels fan community, and he’s now gone next level with his very own cardboard:

According to the Angels, the idea for Ippei rookies came after Shohei won AL Rookie of the Month in April. All three versions of the card will be autographed by the legendary interpreter himself, and will undoubtedly sell for absurd prices on eBay once people get their hands on them.

Watch Ippei work!


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