Tarsha Whitmore Is Another IG Booty Model, Durant Wants To Fight At Hotel & Dan Gilbert Deletes Tweets


Here we gooooooooooo…is this it for Vegas? Capitals at Golden Knights is tonight at 8 on NBC. Imagine Ovi clinching that elusive Cup and doing it in Vegas. This is like a dream come true for an athlete. Normally you have to jump on a flight to party in Vegas after winning it all. Ovi can take that Cup right to the club tonight. It’s also St. Jude Classic week for the PGA guys. That’s at 4 on Golf Channel. And NBC has the French Open semis on NBC at 11 a.m. Imagine that…the French on national TV – finally.
Tarsha Whitmore just another IG model with a big ol booty…but no implants…now that’s rare
Durant fake wants to go after hecklers at Cleveland hotel…HOLD ME BACK…HOLD ME BACKKKK!
Cavs jerkoff owner Dan Gilbert deleted some tweets
Charles Barkley will wear his suit jacket in the most comfortable way possible
The very first grass hybrid football field
This Florida Man grabbed an old man by the junk to get him to move out of his seat
Al Roker’s bike was stolen & Al is pisssed
Let’s meet Karina from SDSU

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