Chloe Khan Might End Up Dating Some NBA Guy, Zeke Penis Guns & Jim Edmonds Is A New Dad

Here we gooooooo…do the Cavs get a sympathy win at home tonight in Game 3 or will the Warriors put a nail in the coffin so all of us can get on with our summers? Find out on ABC at 9 ET. That’s about it as far as I can see. The softball World Series is over so ESPN won’t have that coverage. I’m sure there’s some boring baseball to click on. I need to hit some golf balls. So much daylight in the day to take advantage of.
Chloe Khan’s going to mess around & end up dating a No. 1 overall pick in the NBA
Zeke & Dak have penis squirt guns at Florida club
Penthouse has new ownership
Guy at baseball game keeps switching jerseys to get balls thrown his way
Jim Edmonds is a new dad to twin boys…Jim is 47
Jordan Clarkson drops $3.2M on this house
Hate the news media? You’ll probably like this TV crew getting robbed after live shot
Here’s Jordan from the University of Tampa

I Don’t Know What I Just Watched Video of the Week

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Alexis Ren Doing Alexis Ren Things, Disturbing Miss America News & Caps Fan With A GameDay Sign
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