Nick Saban Likes To Take Baths In The Lake During The Summer, Says Mrs. Terry Hates It

Breaking news out of Bama this morning: Nick Saban likes the lake. A lot. Probably too much.
There was some media availability at Saban’s charity golf tournament this morning where he answered your basic football questions that really have no meaning right now in the middle of June. But this is always the time we can get Saban to crack out of his shell a little bit. These media sessions in the middle of the summer when there’s no pressure of the daily grind of the season yet is where Saban can peel back that onion a little bit.
Today we learned a little bit about Nick’s summer hygiene routine. Something Mrs. Terry apparently HATES. Sorry for this visual, folks.

I’ll let that picture marinate in your brain for a little bit. I think I’ll skip avoiding the obvious questions like “does he rock a bathing suit while doing this or is he freeballing it up in there”? Those can be asked at another media session, although it is something I will think about going forward. A lot of judgment can come from either side of that coin.
As far as everything else is concerned, he’s smart for using the floating soap. Always one step ahead this guy. I guarantee he also uses that bar of soap as shampoo, too. Definitely an old guy move.

He also talked about his boating incident last week

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