I'm Pretty Impressed With Antonio Brown Doing A Can Opener Off His Pool Waterfall While Wearing Socks

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Antonio Brown has had quite a week on social media including one IG post where he asked his baby mommas to step up and be better parents to his kids. He has four baby mommas, according to Wiki. He also seemed to call out Mike Tomlin and Bruce Arians in another IG post. And it’s just Wednesday!
Add it all up and I’m all-in on AB’s IG feed. You just never know what you’re going to find. Tonight it was AB doing a can opener off his pool waterfall while wearing his socks. I mean, think of the difficulty here. Of course he’s an elite athlete who can pull off some amazing achievements, but it’s rare to see someone go can opener while wearing socks.
I need a pool like this. Multiple spots to jump off of. Deep enough for can openers off the top rope. Tell your anti-pool buddy to f-off, this is truly the life AB’s living right here. It’s the perfect size pool. Not much upkeep. Hot tub just boiling over to heat the pool just like I’ve always wanted but would have to do it on a BC salary and that ain’t happening.
One other thing I need to address…I’m not some gardening expert, but AB’s gardeners need to cut back those petunias in the planter. They’re starting to get strung out to the point where they’re not going to get all bushy and nice for July 4th.
via AB/IG Story

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