JR Smith Told Reporters He Knew The Score Was Tied At The End Of Game 1

Every hilarious moment that has occurred over the course of JR Smiths 14-year NBA career was building towards that ultimate brain fart we witnessed last night. Running out the clock on a tie ballgame in the NBA Finals? That’s his masterpiece. Only JR Smith could pull off something so dumb in such an important moment, but granted, that’s why we all love him.
Luckily for him, it was only game 1. There are still opportunities to save face as long as LeBron keeps playing like a basketball God for the next 6 games or so. The problem with JR is, after the game he flat out lied to reporters about knowing the score. He should’ve just put his hand up and acknowledged that he committed one of the all-time fucc-ups in NBA history.
Instead, he went with this answer.

Now he just made it 10x worse for himself because we all read his lips on the court. We know what he said to LeBron. He thought they were ahead. It’s clear as day right here.

Now the story is prolonged. I do, however, respect a good deny-til-you-die scenario. I understand that’s what JR is going for here. Just deny deny deny and hopefully it’ll go away. The problem is that millions of people and multiple camera angles saw you contradict yourself on the court about 45 minutes earlier.

Let’s see what Ty Lue believes

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