Ohio Man With 'F–k The Feds' Face Tat Picked Up Today For Murder & Bank Robberies

via Dayton Daily News
Facebook-verified meth head Josh Beall — I still look good. Thats what im saying the stereotype is dirty gryngy pimpled face. I look fine asf and im strung the [fucc] out — and his girl Casey Cole, just 19, were picked up this morning by police for a homicide and a string of robberies. Of course I took one look at that face tat and needed to know what it said.
One thing led to another and I was on Beall’s Facebook and learned that face tat says “[Fucc] The Feds.” Simple enough. He has another one down lower that says “[Fucc] the World.” And now the feds want to chat with him and his girl Casey for what they’ve been up to this week in Dayton.
From Dayton Daily News:

Two people arrested following a high-speed pursuit in a Cincinnati suburb were wanted in connection to several Dayton-area crimes, including the fatal shooting of a man Wednesday night.

UPDATE @ 1:05 p.m.:

Sharonville police arrested Joshua Beall, 29, of Fairborn and Casey Cole, 19 of Seamon, Ohio, were arrested following an early-morning pursuit, according to investigators. Investigators said Beall and Cole were wanted in connection to a homicide, multiple bank robberies in the area, and another, aggravated robbery.

Beall was wanted in connection to at least two crimes in the Dayton-area. Dayton police said Beall is a suspect in the fatal shooting of Donald E. Armstrong III on Maryland Avenue Wednesday.

Call me crazy, but it seems like Josh was thinking more along the lines of being taken out by local cops or the Feds. The comments on Josh’s Facebook messages are pretty good. He even included his phone number in one of them.

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