L84 ANL License Plate, Canadian Goose Deserved His Fate & Freckletits Vegas Knights Fan

Not everybody thinks the Cavs are going to get swept or lose in 5

From the LVRJ:

There’s at least one high roller who believes the Cleveland Cavaliers can upset the heavily favored Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

A South Point sports book bettor placed a total of $50,000 to win $825,000 on the Cavaliers at odds of 18-1 and 15-1 on Friday to win the championship.

“We need Golden State,” South Point sports book director Chris Andrews said.

The Warriors are minus 1,100 series favorites over Cleveland (7-1) at the Westgate sports book to win their third title in four years over the Cavaliers.

There you go, Vegas is rooting for the Warriors. There’s a bunch of NBA Finals gambling advice straight from Vegas in that link above. Go give the LVRJ some click business.

Numbers from :

Tiger Woods is scheduled to tee off at the Memorial Tournament at 8:26 AM ET.

Woods has won 5 times at the Memorial Tournament, the most victories in tournament history. It’s 1 of 6 events that he’s won at least 5 times in his career. pic.twitter.com/hwBZNjpRSj

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) May 31, 2018

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@bustedcoverage not sports related but definitely deserves to be shared https://t.co/EDPFOTp6qZ
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BREAKING NEWS: ABC Renews Roseanne Show With Minor Modifications pic.twitter.com/yT7mAcspFM

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Just like Top Gun. Goose is down. @bustedcoverage pic.twitter.com/JoBLMLBxyf

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@bustedcoverage Manning out on his hog this afternoon https://t.co/xUY9JeQLCM
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All-timer. Mark it down. pic.twitter.com/TNReTSrN5Y

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Impressive jersey from Vegas fan pic.twitter.com/xHKfAtInux

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Really maximized the vanity plate option here pic.twitter.com/roAvrIu2ED

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@bustedcoverage Innocent until proven guilty. #IUPG https://t.co/55N4P2V0lF
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Poops got nothing on uncle pimp pic.twitter.com/DuodLLyECX

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@bustedcoverage Ralpheal Palmeiro in Wichita Ks playing for @CRRBaseball at @Wingnuts_ICT giving time to the fans between a double header pic.twitter.com/6TYmS32330

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I’ve witnessed some terrible golfers in the first year living in our home. Today’s fellas took the cake. For the D-Bag of the day, I present barefoot, shirtless golfers driving a cart ON THE GREEN! pic.twitter.com/FhYSbxOOX7

— Taylor Estes (@Taylor_Estes_) May 31, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Apple computer ad on this day in 1985 in The Edmonton Journal as the Oilers win the Stanley Cup. Offer is to LEASE a Mac 512K for as little as C$125 a month. Equivalent in today’s dollars? $3,200 a year! pic.twitter.com/43gPlqadfq

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@bustedcoverage best analysis in the game. pic.twitter.com/m3OcdOrJOR

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Happy 28th anniversary of the Garfield strip where Jon drinks dog semen! pic.twitter.com/BklI6W6mLo

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@bustedcoverage https://t.co/IQMfHACOeJ
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@EspnDrunk didn't think @KingJames could top 2016 but 2017 was even better ! pic.twitter.com/pVEW4wcpme

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@bustedcoverage what do you think? Innocent until proven guilty? #IUPG https://t.co/69ZIBJuFyw
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Charges for Lubbock County Constable enhanced to Class A Misdemeanor for DWI crash https://t.co/F7HZ3tAbCR pic.twitter.com/wc9Bmwb6ll

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