Ohio State Fan Robbed A Bakery

I was questioned yesterday when I announced the start of the BC B1G vs SEC Criminal Challenge whether I needed to give the B1G a head start to the B1G because the perception out there is that the SEC would run away with the Challenge because in the south It Just Means More and SEC fans are always wearing their gear even while pulling crimes. I started it out with Penn State fan pulling a Subway robbery.
Not even 12 hours later this pops up on my Facebook feed — Ohio State fan robbing a Toledo, Ohio bakery. Now, before we jump to conclusions, that just might be a Michigan Man trying to throw cops off his scent by wearing the Ohio State gear. There is precedent here. Remember the Columbus bank robber who was a Michigan fan posing as an Ohio State fan? I outed that guy as a Michigan Man. I actually dig into this stuff. I get paid to go all i-Team.
From the Oregon (OH) police department:

Oregon Police needs your assistance in identifying the Suspect in these photos who robbed Haas Bakery on May 29, 2018. Please contact Detective Spangler at 419-698-7069 or [email protected] with information. Thank you!

So for those keeping track at home, we now have two B1G criminals in action this week. I don’t want any conference whining about how I’m picking on one conference. Nobody is more fair and balanced when it comes to criminals than I am. Doesn’t matter if it’s Ohio State fan pulling a bakery robbery. I am married to the content game.
Did you spot a B1G or SEC criminal on Facebook, on your local news, Twitter, etc.? Let us know. Make this challenge great via submissions. 
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Penn State Fan Wants Fresh Cash Via Armed Robbery Up In This Philly Subway
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