Buy This Pittsburgh Steelers Tailgate Van — $5,000

via Craigslist
We take a lot of shots at the Steelers and Steelers fans here on BC, and that will likely never change because that would be bad for business. However! Our general anti-black and gold vibe isn’t going to stop us from tipping off Steelers fans on the six-time Super Bowl champions tailgate van above. The current owner claims “life has got in the way” of his tailgate crew, which means he needs to move this thing ASAP.
via Craigslist
Asking price for the Steelers dream van is a reasonable $5,000, and includes various tailgating supplies like a grill and tables. Is this your dream ride for the 2018 season and beyond?
From the ad:

This is a Steelers Tailgaters Dream. Life has got in the way of our tailgate crew so we are hoping someone will start their own memories. 12 passenger. Cargo area in the rear for all the supplies and does not hinder any passenger room. This comes with our fully tailgate ready supplies including tables, grill, drawer area for utensils and other supplies. This has been stored in a climate controlled area for the 10 plus years we have owned it with the exception of game day.

The 2018 Steelers home schedule is a strong one filled with plenty of rival teams to boo: Chiefs, Ravens, Falcons, Browns, Panthers, Chargers, Patriots, and Bengals.
*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.

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