It Looks Like Sean McVay Had A Better Weekend Than You Losers

I’m not exactly sure how Sean McVay, Rams head coach, spent his weekend, but I assume it was next to a body of water and girlfriend Veronika¬†Khomyn was applying lotion of some sort (see below). You know me, I’m a content hound on weekends like this because Danny and L.A. James will start crying that they don’t get any time off. So I go out hunting for stuff you guys will actually click on.
The guy who is damn near a guaranteed click from social media is McVay. Guys can’t stop imagining Sean’s life and then the Ukrainian model girlfriend is just an added bonus. This is one of those weird times where you guys aren’t really worrying about the hot girlfriend. You’re looking at what McVay’s wearing, the sunglasses he’s rocking this summer and analyzing the beard trim.
Just the times we’re living in right now.

Hottest team in football right now…hotter than the Eagles:

Hottest coach/girlfriend combo in the NFL right now & I’m not even getting all gay about this…just the facts

via Veronika K.

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#BillsMafia Has Made An Appearance At The Indy 500
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