Alexis Ren Eats An Apple At The Beach, Chris Paul Is Selling His Dump & Ben Simmons Lands Kendall Jenner

HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO….Capitals at Golden Knights GAME 2 FROM T-Mobile. Going to be LIT TF UP in that arena. Tom Wilson vs. Ryan Reaves is going to go down. The Caps are bitcching about the ice being bad. The Vegas fans don’t give AF about the ice, they’re busy enjoying TF out of hockey on that Strip. Whew, I’m exhausted. Too many fuccs given. And the French Open is on. Britt McHenry is there representing the U.S. in the stands.
Your weekly visit with Alexis Ren…this time she’s eating an apple
Buy Chris Paul’s dump…it has an outdoor basketball court & will cost you $11.5M
HOLY FUCC…Snoop makes a record amount of gin & juice
Ben Simmons jumps on the Kendall Jenner train
BC Lions CFL team hits up an aquatics class with a bunch of old timers
Serena Williams’ French Open catsuit
This Florida Woman popped for pot during van sex-capade
Here she is…HOLLY FROM ASU!!

You’re Not Taking Ric’s Belt Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

Lady Shaves Her Legs In Public Pool, Incognito In Cuffs & TV Journos Get Crime Scene Selfie
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