Lady Shaves Her Legs In Public Pool, Incognito In Cuffs & TV Journos Get Crime Scene Selfie

Welcome to summer…baseball games (check your local listings) and French Open. It won’t be long and we’ll be talking about the Tour de France and World Cup soccer without the U.S. Today you’ll get the French, NCAA Golf Championship action and Astros-Yankees on MLB. Time to get some cleaning done around the house.
How about this chick shaving her legs in a public pool
Arrest video: Richie Incognito in cuffs
All 27 consecutive missed 3s from the Rockets in one video!
I think we’re going to see Ryan Reaves vs. Tom Wilson in Game 2
You can buy Richard Nixon’s old California house for $63.5M
TV journos get a selfie with crime scene tape in the background
Florida Man and Florida Woman sue McDonald’s for cheese
Here’s Tali from Auburn

When You Need A Better Angle For The IG/Snap Video of the Weekend

Burger of the Day

Sydney Maler For #MDW, Ohio Cops Chase 4-Wheeler & CFL Preseason Catch of the Year?
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