Two Illinois Football Players Charged With Theft For Stealing Deer Statue From A Park And Putting It On Their Roof

Last week, when Terrance Williams got arrested for pulling the old Lance Briggs trick of ditching your Lamborghini after crashing it, I said that this is prime time of the year for football arrests. It’s always the spring and into the early summer when we start seeing these because everyone has downtime before camps get going at the end of the summer.
When I said that, I didn’t just mean NFL players. Sure, their arrests are definitely more notable, but we can’t forget about college players either. Take this one for example. It’s much lighter than a DUI/public intoxication arrest. Here we just have a couple of bros who wanted to put a big ‘ole deer statue on the roof of their house. Can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want a deer statue on the roof of their college house?
The problem with these two Illinois players is that the went out and stole it from a public park. That’s gonna be a no-no. They got popped with a couple of theft charges yesterday.
More details from The News-Gazette:

Two University of Illinois football-player roommates who admitted they relocated a steel sculpture from a Champaign park to their rooftop have been charged with theft.
James Marchese, 21, and Drew Murtaugh, 20, both of the 500 block of South Second Street, appeared Friday in Champaign County Circuit Court after having earlier been given notices to appear.
Each man was charged with a single count of theft between $500 and $10,000 for allegedly stealing a deer sculpture titled “Startled” from Scott Park in the 200 block of East Springfield Avenue on April 29.
If convicted, they face penalties ranging from probation to two to five years in prison.

According to the park district director, that deer statue that they were probably planning to do beer luges off of is valued at a cool $5,000. Not good. Also, that 2 to 5 year potential prison sentence seems just a little bit over the top, but I have a good feeling these bros are going to get off nice and easy.

Here’s a good look at the statue

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