Ryan And Lauren Tannehill Announce They're Expecting Baby #2









Now that Jay Cutler is officially retired again, the Miami Dolphins are back to being Ryan Tannehill’s team as he comes off that ACL injury. The good news is, ACL injuries these days basically means you come back stronger than you were before. Dr. James Andrews has just been destroying the ACL game. The bad news (or it could be good news depending on how you look at it) is, his fall just got about 100x busier because his wife Lauren just announced on IG that they’re expecting baby #2.
Now Tannehill will be mixing in diaper changes in between film sessions this season.


Usually, these things come with some sort of long caption on IG, but they’ve been through this process once, so they kept it short and sweet.

@rtannehill17 and I are so excited for baby number two!! #SteelsSister #PartyOf4

Baby #1 was born back in the summer of 2016, so they got a decent separation in ages between these two. There’s no word on when this one is officially due, but as you can see in the announcement photo that Lauren is relatively far along.


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